“The change she facilitates is beyond belief. There are those who are here on earth at this time to facilitate and nurture growth and self actualisation. Diana is one such soul.”

Welcome to my website

Here you will find my latest offerings in a 30 year journey of spiritual work. I bring to them the sum of those years of experience, combined with the ever changing vibration of this Time.

Connect with the Galactic energies, through a Galactic Light Reading or Solar Light Healing Treatment.

Experience a Tarot Reading, for inspiration, guidance and upliftment.

Experience a Reiki Treatment, bringing harmony to mind, body and spirit.

Be Attuned to Reiki and bring new energy into your daily life, with the potential to give healing.

Learn to Read Tarot yourself, and share that gift with others.

Connect to the energy of the Violet Flame Chakra, through an Awakening.

Some of my work is done in person, some on Zoom – explore my site and discover what is here for you.

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