Diana Savil

Soul Healer

“The change she facilitates is beyond belief. The guidance and healing offered through her many gifts are truly a wondrous thing.

There are those who are here on earth at this time to facilitate & nurture the growth & self actualisation, Diana is one such soul.”

Ascended Masters

As I move towards retirement, I am no longer working with individual clients.  However, I can recommend other Lightworkers who can offer you similar sessions to these.  Contact me for their details. 

Ascended Masters

An Ascended Master is a being of high vibration, now in Spirit, who once walked this earth.

There are many Ascended Masters, including Jesus, Buddha and Mother Mary. They offer us help, spiritual guidance and support, and bring us wisdom and inspiration.

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Channelling the Ascended Masters

The process of Channelling is where the words and energy of a spiritual being are Channelled through a human being so that guidance and healing energy can be shared with you.

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One-to-one Channelled Consultations with the Ascended Masters

Your opportunity to communicate directly with Saint-Germain, Lady Portia, Isis, Melchizedek and more.

Private Channelled consultations with the Ascended Masters, through Diana, are available, either in person or by phone.

These consultations allow you to experience the powerful and loving energy of the Masters, to receive guidance from them, and to ask any questions you may have about your own spiritual journey.

People who experience these consultations often find them to be a significant step forward in their personal and spiritual development.

I offer these consultations by phone or in person at my home.

Channelled Consultation – 1 hour, £60

Ascended Master Readings

Personal guidance and inspiration Channelled from the Ascended Masters.

Experience the energy of Quan Yin, Melchizedek, Lady Portia, Saint-Germain, Isis, Commander Ashtar, Mother Mary, El Morya and more.

Combining messages Channelled directly from the Ascended Masters with guidance from the Tarot and other Divination Cards, these Readings offer clarity, support, insight and inspiration.

Whether you are seeking direction along your Soul Path, or simply searching for comfort and reassurance, an Ascended Master Reading can help you. Surrounded in their loving vibration, the Masters enable you to see things from a higher perspective. Their messages are empowering, motivating, uplifting – and unique to you.

Sent to you in written form, and carrying their specific vibration, you have a record of their loving guidance. Keep it close to you, and continue to feel their energy and remember their wisdom.

Ascended Master Reading – £30 

All Readings are carried out remotely, and the information – approximately 3 x A4 pages – emailed to you on completion.

Contact me to book your Reading

“These wonderful messages of wisdom and guidance have provided me with confirmation and comfort that I am always watched over, never alone and has boosted my inner confidence, confirmed that I am in touch with my inner wisdom also…thank you once again…and this guidance comes highly recommended…many blessings.” J.E.

Ascended Master Healing

Allow yourself to be bathed in the loving frequency of the Ascended Masters. Whichever Master is appropriate will come forward and lend their energy to your healing.

Held in their high vibration, old patterns that do not serve you can be released, energetic blocks cleared and new, positive frequencies introduced.  These healings can be profound and transforming.

Words of guidance may also be given to you, to assist in your journey forward.

I offer Ascended Master Healing by phone or in person at my home and Horam Natural Therapy Centre.

Ascended Master Healing – 1 hour, £60


“I decided to try the Ascended Masters’ healing with Diana as this was not something I had experienced before.

I was feeling quite run down, both emotionally and physically, after several years of health, relationship and grief issues. I self heal on a regular basis and would have some extra healing from time to time. I realised that although this was beneficial, it was not enough to restore me to optimum health and I was very much existing on auto pilot. I was coping but I had lost the joy of life. My energy felt sluggish and I definitely needed to be re-tuned!

Diana is an experienced and gifted healer and I am truly grateful to her for restoring my balance. I enjoyed the healing and felt relaxed, safe and peaceful in her care. I could feel the energy and support in the room which was encouraging.

I feel happier, healthier and energetically lighter. I highly recommend Diana”.

Debbie A