Diana Savil

Soul Healer

The Ascended Masters – Channellings

Channelling from the Ascended Master, Saint-Germain

 3rd June 2016

Let Faith be the bedrock on which all else rests. Trust in your own Being, and in the strength of the Divine to support you.

You are not alone. You do not drift, untethered, in the swirling waves, carried where the current takes you.

You have a strong foundation on which to stand firm.

Reach down, reach in – do not fear the fall into the abyss – and you will find land. Stability. A rock on which your feet can rest, if only you will place them there, and trust their standing.

Here, there is peace. Here, there is love. Here there is a place where you belong; that is yours, always.

Here you can rest. Here you can stand firm against all shocks, for you know that – deep within your Being – there is a place of strength and anchoring.

Have Faith, Dear One. Have Faith.


Channelling from the Ascended Master, Saint-Germain

20th November 2014

Waiting, waiting . . . what are you waiting for, Beloveds?  You are here.  The time is now.  You have within you all that you need to accomplish and bring into being all that you desire and choose.

What are you waiting for?

The time has passed when all is done for you; presented to you, ready, complete, needing only your acceptance of it for it to flow in fullness.

Now, Dear Ones, YOU are the Creators, the Accomplishing Ones, those who make manifest all that can be brought into being.

So what are you waiting for?  Do you not trust your own Self?  Do you doubt your ability to manifest that which you choose – and to allow yourself to have such?  Do you wonder at what you might accomplish if you opened yourself fully to the creative flow?

Wonder no more!  Open, allow!  Move into your own Creative energy; become the Divine Being that you already are, and manifest for yourself the life and experience that you fully choose.

You can do it, Dear Ones.  You can do it, now.

I am waiting . . .

In the greatest Love and Light, I Am the Ascended Master, Saint-Germain, and I Am Done.


Channelling from the Ascended Master, Saint-Germain

28th October 2014

Trust it, Dear Ones.  Your intuition, your own Guidance, your Inner Knowing.  For you are part of the All, and as such, part of that which Knows All, sees All, encompasses the Whole.

You and the Divine are One.  The Divine is in You.  Therefore, Dear Ones, trust that part of you which IS the Divine, and, in so doing, recognise your own Divinity.

You are perfect.  Let that perfection shine.  Allow yourself to Be that which you truly are.

Divine, Whole, Perfect.

Trust your Self.  Trust.  Trust.

And so it is.

I Am The Ascended Master, Saint-Germain, and I Am Done.


Channelling from The Ascended Master, Saint-Germain

5th October, 2014

“What is Magic, Dear Ones? Not, that of recent age, a man with top hat, rabbit, and black familiar wand. But real Magic. That which transforms, revives, alters and amends. That which Is.

It is a manipulation, is it not? A drawing together of etheric threads; a mingling and mixing of varying energies. All driven by intention – that for Good.

In Ancient, and more recent, times, the Adepts could manifest material matters. Objects, items, solid, real.

And so can you, Beloveds, if you so believe. Drawing from nothing, something into your waiting hands.

Your self-belief may not yet be ready for such miracles. But you are ready for more subtle manifestations.

Set your intention. Align your energy. Raise your vibration to the level where the possible becomes Reality. Hold that belief. Know that you can experience that which you intend.

Allow, then, the manifestation of that desire into full physical presence. It will come. And all the sooner for you releasing your intention into the limitless power of the Divine.

Let go. Live. Your dream will manifest for you at the ideal moment.

And that may be Now, Dear Ones. Not in some far distant time. Allow. Be Open. The process of manifesting is now more rapid as all frequencies increase. By holding a high frequency, you enable much, within yourself, and within the All.

Hold your frequency high, and you will manifest much, enjoy much, and assist the evolution of the Whole.

And, in so doing, discover your own hidden Magician.

Practise your Magic today.

I Am The Ascended Master, Saint-Germain, and I Am Done.


Channelling from The Ascended Master, Saint-Germain

 20th August 2014

The energies are changing, Beloveds; many processes are in motion.

You, yourselves, may be aware of greater shifts, greater transformation taking place within your own Beings.

This is not, as in the past, a shedding, clearing, letting go and releasing – though these processes are, in addition, taking place. This is, now, about progress, moving forward.  Opening, expanding, enjoying and allowing.

For many, still, there is much to understand; much to release, and much to recognise.

But for you, Beloveds – those in the forefront of this great expression of transformation – this is a time of journeying forward in great joy.  It is a time of Awakening; of realising your true worth, and – at last – the infinite possibilities that are open to you.

Do not deny yourselves this experience.  Do not, any longer, allow yourself to be limited by what used to be; by what has always been, for you.

Now, Dear One, all is changing, if you let it.  Now, you can step forward, free and full of joy; ready to embrace and to experience all that the Universe can offer you.

This is yours, now, if you will choose it.

Come, choose freedom, love, life, expansion, potential and possibility.  These are offered to you.  They are yours.

I Am The Ascended Master, Saint-Germain, and I Am Done.


Channelling from The Ascended Master Saint-Germain

28th April 2014

Greetings, Most Beloved Ones, and Welcome to this new Channel of Communication. Enjoy the words written here. Read from your heart, Dear Ones, and receive not only my words, but my Love and energy also. Read in peace, and healing will flow through you. Read in openness, and inspiration will Be. Enjoy.

You are ready, Dear Ones. You may hesitate within your Being, but you are Ready.

You are ready to step forward, to embrace the possibilities that await you, to move into that greater part of you which has stood by for so long, and now is poised, like a flower bud on the point of opening, to come, fully, into being.

You are ready, to become that which you have waited for. To be the person you have intended to be. To live the life you have been dreaming of.

It is here. It has always been here. It has just been waiting for you to be ready.

And now you are.

Wait no longer, Beloved. Embrace your new Reality. Embrace your new You. Step into your full power and magnificence.

You can do it. You are Ready. Now.

I Am The Ascended Master, Saint-Germain, and I Am Done.