“The change she facilitates is beyond belief. There are those who are here on earth at this time to facilitate and nurture growth and self actualisation. Diana is one such soul.”

Galactic Light Readings

Glorious connections with the Higher Frequencies within the Cosmos, bringing you guidance, healing, inspiration and illumination.

A Galactic Light Reading can offer you channelled guidance from the Higher Cosmic Beings – Pleiadians, Venusians, Arcturians and others.  Their loving energy can uplift and support you, offering you comfort, guidance and inspiration. 

Healing can take place, enabled by the inflow of Light into your Being, bringing harmony to the Whole.

Connecting to these Higher Energies raises your individual vibration, enabling you hold more Light within your Being.

A Galactic Light Reading offers transformation; old patterns re-written, as the Higher Light flows in.

A Reading can include the downloading of Light Codes, enabling your Being to hold sacred information, to be brought into conscious awareness at the appropriate time.

These Readings are inspiring, uplifting and illuminating.

I offer Readings on Zoom, and in person at my home.     Contact me to book your Reading before making payment.

Zoom Galactic Light Reading – 40 minutes, £70

In-Person Galactic Light Reading – 1 hour, £100


Solar Light Healing

Working with the Sun God, Ra, Sun-Light is poured down into your Being, and Sun Disks installed within your energy centres. These sessions are profoundly transforming, significantly raising your vibration and illuminating you at Soul Level.

In person 1 hour: £100