Diana Savil

Soul Healer

“My soul does sing with the deepest respect for Diana for all the years of support she has bestowed me & countless others.

Her work evolves over time, a great strength it is to behold.

The change she facilitates is beyond belief. The guidance and healing offered through her many gifts are truly a wondrous thing.

If you are truly ready to move forward with your life & take responsibility for it. Then, Diana will support you every step of the way & watch as your beauty & soul emerge from the dark shadows from where you hide deep inside.

There are those who are here on earth at this time to facilitate & nurture the growth & self actualisation, Diana is one such soul.

In deepest love & gratitude XXX
Sapphire Angel August 2019″

Soul Healing

As I move towards retirement, I am no longer working with individual clients.  However, I can recommend other Lightworkers who can offer you similar sessions to these.  Contact me for their details. 


By working on the Soul – and therefore at a high frequency – we are able to effectively access energetic trauma at any level of your Being, and clear it away. This impacts on other levels where appropriate, be it the mental, the emotional or the physical – or, indeed, throughout your whole Being.

Working on the Soul enables us to easily link to earlier lives. This can be for the purpose of cleansing and clearing old emotional energetic trauma which has impacted on your current life-time, or to facilitate the reconnection to wisdom, knowledge and skills once familiar to you, so that they may be brought consciously into your present experience.

Soul Healing sessions are transforming and empowering. As we remove old negative patterns from your energy field, your energy realigns and harmonises. This brings a sense of lightness, clarity and freedom.

 Soul Healing Treatment

Soul Healing can be carried out effectively by phone. Working at this level, there is no separation; we are in an energetic space where distance does not exist.

I offer these sessions by phone or in person at my home.

Soul Healing Treatment – 1.5 hours, £90

“I have received soul healing from Diana for 8 months now, and since then I have freed myself from toxic relationships, healed physical ailments, started reclaiming my personal power and trusting my own previously-ignored intuition. I am finally finding my authentic voice after spending most of my life feeling increasingly frustrated and miserable trying to conform to what others said they needed of me. I shudder when I look back on that life of quiet suffering. So I wholeheartedly recommend Diana to anyone who cares enough about themselves to create a life that they love. A life that, right now, they might not even be able to imagine.”  A.W.

“I had a Soul Healing treatment with Diana and although at the first, I didn’t think I had any changes or shifts I experience a very relaxed state soon after the treatment and about two days later I realised that I also was feeling a deep internal peace, like there were no conflicts or worries. There was a sensation of pure contentment. I’m ok in my own skin and soul.

I really recommend this healing.”  C Roberts

“Diana is an amazing light worker and I have had an incredible year of soul healing with her. Our sessions have released what seemed to be insurmountable blocks that were holding me back, and she found ways forward where I could see none. The journey has resulted in a freedom far greater than I could have ever imagined at the start. Life previously felt like a long and often painful trudge through a difficult and sometimes dangerous swamp, but with Diana’s help I have finally set foot on the metaphorical yellow brick road! I don’t yet know where the path leads, but I do know that 2020 will be my best year yet. Thank you Diana!”

 “A of London”.

Soul Healing Day

I also offer a deeper exploration of your Soul’s journey. Find out where you have been, and where you are going. Gain insight into current situations and receive guidance on how you may best approach them. Release old energetic blocks that no longer serve, and gain a new perspective on your Self and your present life-path.

This 1-1 day’s experience enables healing, guidance, transformation and inspiration. These are precious gifts that await you.

In person at my home, only.

Soul Healing Day – 10.30 – 4.30, £300

£50 non-refundable deposit

£250 balance

£300 full payment