“The change she facilitates is beyond belief. There are those who are here on earth at this time to facilitate and nurture growth and self actualisation. Diana is one such soul.”

Tarot Course

This three day Tarot Course is suitable for beginners, and also includes treasures for those already familiar with the Cards. It will equip you to Read Tarot and is based on my over 30 years’ experience of Tarot Reading.

The course is for women only, and focuses on developing your intuition – connecting to your inner wisdom, and trusting in that process.

Although Tarot can be used to assist others – Readings for friends, family and clients – it is also a valuable tool for personal growth. With the Cards, you have a readily accessible source of guidance, confirmation and inspiration.

During the Course you will be introduced to the Major Arcana (Higher Cards) and we will look at the Suits (Minor Arcana).

You will be shown how to prepare for a Reading, and observe a Demonstration Reading, with commentary.

You will learn how to open to the energy around you – a skill which you can apply to other areas of spiritual work.

You will practise doing Readings, for yourself and for other students, building your confidence as you do so.

We will consider the meaning of numbers within the Tarot Suits, and how both Numerology and Astrology can be applied to the Cards.

You will be introduced to a variety of Tarot Cards – traditional and non-traditional – and will have the opportunity to spend time exploring a range of Tarot and other Divination Cards.

You will find yourself working with the Cards in ways you had not considered – demonstrating your new skills to yourself in the process.

We will look at the association of the Ascended Masters with the Major Arcana, adding a further enhancement to your Readings.

Support, encouragement and guidance are given throughout the course, and you will receive a Manual for your future reference.

Cost: £200 Deposit £40

Dates: Friday 25th – Sunday 27th October 2024

Hours: 10.00 – 5.00

Venue:  Horam, Nr Heathfield, East Sussex. Please note, this is an “in person” course.

Contact me to register your interest and to reserve your place.

Deposit £40

Balance £160

Full amount – £200


“I have a great deal more confidence now in using the tarot cards – Diana showed us many different decks and possible associations and ways to interpret them and/or let channelling come through about them, and above all to follow our intuition as to how to best use them in each case. This has been very freeing and  empowering!  I feel I received some very helpful readings, which have thrown fresh light on my current situation and possibilities. I felt the space was very safe and that we were held in high intention and energy.  It was a precious experience and today I feel I can see and feel more connection with both the Ascended Masters and with the cards!”

“I have just completed Diana’s Tarot course. It was utterly amazing and mind blowing. Time and time again the information you get is spot on. She is a wonderful teacher and explains things in so much detail and easy to follow. I feel I have learnt a lot and would definitely recommend her.”

“I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who wants to explore the use of tarot and develop their skills. It’s suitable for all levels and Diana’s skills as a teacher will ensure that you are taught at your pace and with plenty of time for practice, questions and discussion. This is the second course I have attended of Diana’s and it won’t be the last.”
Lucy S

“I thoroughly recommend this course.  It was extremely informative and enjoyable.  Diana’s gentle guidance and absolute belief in each individual helped understanding and meaning to emerge from something that had always seemed shrouded in mystery.”
Sharon Oliver

“A wonderful three day course, full of fascinating facts and friendly fun. I learned to tune into my intuition and felt my confidence grow on all levels. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone. Diana leads the three days with sincerity and integrity.”~

“What an amazing course. The process of transformation I have been through over the past 3 days has been life changing. To learn how to give accurate readings that are filled with light and love is an amazing life skill. I am so excited about using the tarot as a healing tool and Diana is a wonderful and very experienced facilitator. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to my fellow lightworkers!”
Jo – London

“Diana is one in a million. The way she presents the Tarot is like no other.  We were not there to learn what all the cards mean by rote. We learnt to use the cards as a tool and allow our intuition to guide us.  We were taught how to prepare ourselves and then space ready to do a reading. Then how to close down afterwards.  The 3 day course was a magical journey of discovery. Pushing my boundaries and exploring my talents and abilities. In a safe and supportive environment.  Having 3 days gave us plenty of time to practice and also to listen to the theory. All in all a very informative, insightful and confidence boosting 3 days.  I now feel ready to start reading for clients.  Thank you Diana. You are a star.”
Sapphire Angel

“Diana Savil’s  3 day Intuitive Tarot workshop is highly recommended.  The workshop unfolds beautifully and attendees are gently introduced into their card reading abilities and the mysteries surrounding the Tarot.  What I found so wonderful was that the way Diana works she gives you wonderful tools to make the all-crucial connection with your guides who are to assist you in the Reading you wish to make for others. So at the end of the three days I came away not only thinking ‘ I can do this’, but believing that I can do this to a high standard that will really assist others when they truly need it.  Diana has such wonderful nurturing energy that no matter what course you do, you will love it and benefit greatly, sometimes in ways you had never imagined…”

Diana, I have really enjoyed the course and thank you so much for a fabulously delivered course full of fascinating information.

This is not a tarot course! This is SO much more than just a tarot course. This is a magical and intuitive method of accessing inner guidance for growth, joy and peace taught by the most talented expert I have met in this field. My life has transformed massively throughout the six week course and I feel much more connected to my spirit, soul and source energy. Oh yes? and I can read tarot!

I have learnt about much more than Tarot and it has been a pleasure to share and learn with everyone involved. I have already been asked to do readings for friends, and friends of friends, and although my original intention with Tarot was for my own personal growth it looks like the law of attraction is already bringing into my life those who could benefit in some way from a reading and I feel that it is natural and right to do so.

I really enjoyed learning tarot with Diana. Over several weeks, her skilful guidance and tuition enabled me to interpret the images and read the cards with confidence. By practicing both within the group (and at home) and with positive and helpful feedback, by the end of the course, I had not only gained the ability to read the Tarot but had also learnt more about myself in the process. Thanks to Diana, I now have a skill that I can continue to build on and practice for years to come!

“I have been fascinated by, and wanting to learn the Tarot for many years and when my path crossed with Diana’s it was a perfect opportunity for me to fulfil this wish.
I was not sure what to expect when I went along for the first lesson, half anticipating being set a homework task of learning one of the suits of the deck each week. However, this turned out not to be the case. After an explanation and demonstration of the set-up procedure involved, before I knew it I was starting to look at and read some cards in my first lesson. There was practise involved between lessons, of course but Diana made it so interesting and achievable that it was a real pleasure.
I am so glad that ‘fate’ brought us together, thereby enabling me to realise an ambition with Diana’s help and guidance.”

“The purpose for me was to learn to tune in and give advice to clients with more precision. I’ve identified the muscle that needs flexing. Healing clients ask me questions about what’s happening in their treatments and I haven’t been able to give them information. Now I can.”
Jenny Skilton

” Working with Diana and the Tarot has been a dream. She has restored my confidence with gentle encouragement, exactly what I needed. Her course fulfilled my needs and now I feel able to go forward with my work. Thank you very much Diana, “May love and light flow through you always.”
Samantha Hall

“I signed up for Diana’s tarot course purely out of interest as I was researching tarot for a book. I do have an open mind and, if I am honest, I was slightly sceptical before the first week; I didn’t really expect I would be able to read the cards with any accuracy. However, I was continually amazed at the information I received through the cards when I did readings for fellow students and then my family. I receive guidance and consistent confirmation regarding events taking place in my life and I now use the cards to guide me and wholeheartedly trust the information I receive.

Diana’s course was life-enhancing; she is able to instil confidence whilst gently pushing our boundaries. I felt safe and secure whilst learning with her and the other students were a real joy to work with. We had good fun and laughed a lot whilst gradually stretching ourselves and learning a valuable skill. You’ll go to learn Tarot but realise you’ve been given so much more.

Diana has a gift; she’s set me on a magical path of joy and amazement.”
Lorraine Kerr

“Learning to read Tarot cards as taught by Diana Savil was a fascinating and enlightening experience; she is an excellent teacher who explains clearly and inspires confidence in her students to ‘have a go’. As our confidence levels increased we learnt to trust ourselves and our intuition.

I can wholeheartedly recommend this course. “
Sally Hayes

“The course is an interesting and enjoyable experience, that teaches you fascinating information about the Tarot with its meanings and interpretations.

This intuitive Tarot gives you a much great scope, as it is not restricted by set meanings – the intuitive information during a reading is specifically for that person.

Through this course you learn to access and use the abilities you already have or perhaps weren’t aware you have, which then enables you to put them into practice with confidence.

As with all Diana’s courses, you are given much support and encouragement.”
Guinevere Grove