Diana Savil

Soul Healer


My spiritual journey began in this lifetime in 1990, when I was given an amazing Tarot reading which changed my life. Shortly afterwards I started attending a Spiritual Development Group, where I began practising meditation and healing and was introduced to crystals.

The following year I began working with the Tarot myself, and also became a Channel for higher energies.  In 1993 I started running a Development Group, which was my first taste of spiritual teaching. I have continued to run a selection of groups and courses since then.

Over the next few years I explored several healing techniques and studied a variety of subjects. In 2001 I learnt The Healing Art of Setsukido, a unique form of Japanese massage that clears negative energy from the body. This is an amazing therapy and I have both practised and taught it.  While I no longer offer Setsukido treatments, I continue to use many of the teachings of Setsukido in my work. 

Also in 2001 I became Attuned to Reiki Levels One and Two, and in 2007 I received my Attunement as a Reiki Master. As well as practising, I now teach Reiki regularly and find sharing the Attunements with my students to be a profound and fulfilling experience.

Following the energetic shift in December 2012 my healing work also rose in frequency.  While continuing to offer Setsukido and Reiki, I was also able to effect transformation within the client by working at a much higher level within their Being.  These treatments were profound.

Within my healing work I have often been assisted by the Ascended Masters, and in early 2010 I was asked by the Ascended Master Saint-Germain to lead a Group Channelling his energy.  The Group met regularly for over five years, preparing us for the energetic shift in December 2012 and continuing to evolve after that date.

Since December 2013 I have been privileged to assist Saint-Germain in Awakening the Violet Flame Chakra within groups and on an individual basis.  Following the Awakening students are able to connect to multi-dimensional healing tools which are profoundly powerful.

In 2014 I was guided to write the book “Awakening the Flame – Igniting Your Potential through the Power of the Violet Flame Chakra”, and it was published in April 2015.

The Violet Flame Chakra work continued to evolve, and I also offer Initiations into the magical energies of the New Avalon, through the Lady of Silver.

The continuing rise in frequency of both the planet and my own personal vibration meant that the work that I did also evolved.  This led to the Ascended Master Healing and Soul Healing processes, both of which assist not only the individual receiving them, but also Humanity as a whole.

With the significant rise in vibration during 2020, as Humanity moved through its powerful transformation process, the frequency of my work rose again.  I held some Atlantis Restored workshops, returning Atlantean Light Symbols to Humanity, to assist and support our movement forward.  Other workshops, Attunements, Awakenings and individual sessions were all conducted in a significantly higher frequency than had been possible for us before, and the energies introduced and the changes enabled were powerful and far reaching. 

Culminating in a Meditation for the Solstice in December 2020, I was then guided to step back from individual work, to take a break (now concluded) and thereafter to continue with occasional teaching. 

I look forward to seeing what unfolds for me, and for us all, in the future.