“The change she facilitates is beyond belief. There are those who are here on earth at this time to facilitate and nurture growth and self actualisation. Diana is one such soul.”


Reiki is a gentle form of healing energy which is channelled through the practitioner to the client. It is excellent for people of all ages and can treat a wide variety of conditions.

Reiki therapy can be given either seated or lying down and the client remains fully clothed. A treatment is soothing and relaxing, bringing a feeling of harmony and wellbeing.

Reiki can work on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. It can address a wide range of physical conditions from headaches to PMS and provides excellent help for stress.

Many physical ailments can benefit from Reiki healing, including back pain, aching muscles, stiff joints, digestive disorders and skin conditions.

A Reiki treatment can be helpful before surgery, boosting the energy levels within the body and reducing the impact of the physical and emotional trauma. Reiki treatments can also assist in the post-operative recovery, accelerating healing on the physical level, and supporting the emotions throughout the process.

Regular Reiki treatments can boost the immune system and increase physical energy levels.

Reiki healing can also work on the emotions, calming and soothing and restoring balance and peace of mind. Reiki can be helpful for anxiety and depression.

Reiki treatments can also facilitate spiritual growth and development. During a treatment the client moves into a calm and peaceful state similar to during meditation. It is not unusual for clients to see colours, or images which can give insight or inspiration. Regular connection to the Reiki energy raises the energetic vibration of the client, enabling them to become more aware of matters of a spiritual nature.

If you enjoy good health, you can still benefit from regular Reiki treatments, which can help maintain this state by further raising energy levels, supporting your immune system and increasing your physical and emotional wellbeing.

A Reiki Treatment

During a Reiki treatment the practitioner gently places her hands on the client’s shoulders. The Reiki energy flows through into the client, balancing the subtle energies within the body. This in-flow of higher energy provides the body with the fuel it needs to return itself to a better state of health.

As the treatment progresses the practitioner works in different areas of the body, gently placing her hands and allowing the Reiki healing to flow into the client as it is needed.

The client may feel a variety of pleasant sensations such as warmth, tingling and an increased sense of wellbeing. It is not unusual for clients to fall asleep under the influence of the gentle Reiki energy.

Some of the conditions which can be helped by a Reiki Treatment are:

Stress, tension, anxiety, depression, back pain, joint pain, muscle pain, digestive disorders, skin conditions, headaches, PMS, disturbed sleep patterns, asthma, emotional problems, recovery from accident or injury and more.

I offer Reiki treatments at my home.


“Dear Diana,
I feel that I must write and let you know how I have been getting on since having received the four Reiki treatments that you gave me.
I always thought that I was lost cause!!! Being Agorophobic for over thirty years and tried every conventional medication known to man (without success, but with a lot of heart ache!!) I felt that I had nothing to lose in trying something alternative, not believing for one second that it could ever help someone like me. You were very kind and extremly honest with me from the start, which immediatly put me at my ease, (not something that is very easy to do for someone with my condition) as I laid on the couch I said to myself “what will be, will be”.
You put your hands onto me,( I don’t know what I expected to happen, fireworks, lightening strikes, visions,) What I felt was peace, this may not be a lot to some people, but to me it was nothing short of a miracle, I had not know peace for over thirty years. I told myself, “if this is all I get from the treatment then it is worth it.”
How wrong was I?
I was sorry when the treatment was over, I left you and expected to be back to my old self as soon as I stepped back into my life.
Wrong again.
The feeling of peace that I felt throughout the treatment stayed with me for several days, I had a lust for life, I wanted to attempt to do things that I had been to scared to try. I did not do them, stupidly, I thought the second I tested myself I would revert back to the old me. I had a further three treatments and every time that feeling of peace lasted longer and longer.
Since having the final treatment with you, I have been able to walk around the block, ALONE, I go shopping with my partner and really enjoy it, no longer does he have to go to Tesco with a list, I can even stand in a queue without panicking. This may seem very mundane to some but to me it is nothing short of a miracle, and it is all thanks to you and the gift you share with people like me.
Thank You for giving me my life back.
God Bless,”
Sandra XXXX

“As I walked down the road after the first treatment I felt that the reset button had been pushed. My life has changed so much through the Reiki treatments.”
Mark Stratta
“The Reiki sessions I have had with Diana have given me the strength to get through a difficult few months. Reiki has helped me to reconnect with myself, be less afraid to be ‘me’ and given me the courage to start making positive changes in my life; so I can find the right way forward.”