Diana Savil

Soul Healer

“If you are truly ready to move forward with your life & take responsibility for it. Then, Diana will support you every step of the way & watch as your beauty & soul emerge from the dark shadows from where you hide deep inside.

There are those who are here on earth at this time to facilitate & nurture the growth & self actualisation, Diana is one such soul.”

Tarot Readings

As I move towards retirement, I am no longer offering Tarot Readings, but I can recommend several Readers from among my former students who will be happy to help you. Contact me for their details.

Tarot Card Reading can help you in many different ways: It can bring you clarity, show you the bigger picture, confirm things you already know, reveal hidden talents and skills and offer spiritual guidance about your journey forward. It can even give you information on earlier lives, if that is what is needed as your next step.

If you feel you are at a crossroads, or unsure about your direction, a Tarot Reading can help you clarify the options available to you, and help you decide which one would be the best for you.

A Tarot Reading can help you understand the energy surrounding a situation, making it easier to accept what is happening. A Reading can reveal the higher purpose of an action or event, or offer a different perspective on what you are experiencing.

A Reading can increase your awareness of the subtle realms, assisting your spiritual development. Through a Tarot Reading you can be introduced to your Spirit Guides, Angels and other spiritual helpers.

All my Readings are purely intuitive, based on almost 30 years’ experience of Tarot Reading. The cards I use, the layout and the interpretation are all according to Divine Guidance. I have a selection of Tarot packs but may also use other Divination Cards such as Angels, Ascended Masters, The Oracle of Illumination and others. The cards used will be individually chosen and will be perfect for you.

I offer Readings by phone and video call, and in person at my home.

Tarot Reading – 1 hour, £60



I also offer Tarot Readings by email.  Email me your question, or the topic on which you are seeking clarity, and I will email you the guidance that is received.  As in face-to-face or telephone Readings, you may not have a specific matter on which you seek assistance.  In this case, why not simply be open to whatever Spirit wishes to convey to you?  You will normally receive your Reading within 5 days.

Email Tarot Reading:  £30


While this work is taken seriously, in order to comply with current legislation, these readings must be described as “for entertainment purposes only”.

Interested in finding out more about Tarot?

Click here for information on my Tarot course, enabling you to read Tarot for yourself and others.



Thank you so much for the fabulous reading you did for me last Saturday – it gave me confidence in myself again.

I thought a great deal about what came out of the reading and have decided to make a conscious effort to stop putting up barriers to my next stage and to “step over the wall”. Consequently I have made huge strides (both practical and metaphysical) this week.”

Something astounding happened for me on Sunday (after the reading with you). For the first time in seven years I was drawn to my set of tarot cards to answer some questions for myself (I had been blocked, for some reason, from carrying out a reading for myself although I could still read for other people during these years). Although I only drew two cards, they gave me answers that made logical sense, allayed my concerns and dovetailed in with further detail on the amazing reading you did for me.

Diana, thank you so much, I seem to have been psychically un-kinked (like a hosepipe) by your reading, which has enabled my energies to flow.

That was such a great reading, thank you so much. It felt completely right!!

Jean came to see me for a reading, hoping for an answer to a particular question. One message and one message only came through the cards, and was repeated in several different ways. To begin with she did not understand it, but as we talked understanding gradually dawned. She was being shown that she did not have to give her power away to others, and wait for their actions or their decisions to influence her own.

Right at the end of the reading a card appeared that related to her question. I asked her about it. She thought for a moment and then I could see realisation dawning. She said “It’s up to me, isn’t it?” She recognised that she was capable of making her own decisions, stepping out of her comfort zone and creating her own life. She left strengthened, empowered and energised, and completely transformed.

“Diana was the first person to read tarot for me and as a result, I feel incredibly empowered, focused and peaceful. Her wisdom and perception is highly astute and she takes time to read the cards. It is a very involved process, with much discussion and insight. She is so connected and the experience is very enlightening. In her words, you get what you need!”
Matt Rivers

“Diana’s telephone Tarot reading was sensitive, thought-provoking, inspiring and positive even in the face of adversity. It gave me the courage and confidence to move forward more bravely.”
Lucy Emmerich

“Diana made sense out of a lot of nonsense and gave me some much needed clarity. The best £44 I’ve ever spent!”
Lorraine Harvey

“Being at a difficult time in my life, having a reading with Diana has helped me make sense of things and give me some hope. ?I feel encouraged by what she told me and would return again in the future should the need arise.

Diana is a very kind and sensitive soul, chatty and friendly at all times. ?She makes you feel very much at ease in her company. She always wants what is best for you and will do anything within her capabilities to help you.

Diana you are an inspiration.

Thank you,”
Samantha Wight

“Thanks for a great reading. Full of insight. It felt spot-on! You have a lovely manner, which is reassuring and gentle, while also being analytical and incisive.”
LC, Oxford